Rosie's Trust - Charity for Terminally Ill, Cancer Patients, Older people and their pets.


Rosie's Trust

Rosie’s Trust was founded in Northern Ireland to assist and support individuals who are struggling to care for their companion pet as a result of their deteriorating health.  The principle aim and objective is to keep the owner and the pet together.

They work in partnership with the owner to support the special relationship between them and their pet to provide peace of mind now and for the future.  A network of volunteers assist 
beneficiaries; providing the practical help they need. Commonly, this will be dog walking but also other tasks such as feeding, vet visits, cat and small animal care.

Rosie’s Trust does not make any charge for their services and are entirely dependent on voluntary contributions and fundraising efforts.

For further information contact Bronagh O'Neill 07721 204 061 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.