Charity Commission Annual Reporting

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Over 3,800 charity accounts now available on the register of charities

The Charity Commission NI has reported that almost 1,300 charities have met their 31 January 2018 annual reporting deadline – with their accounts and reports now published on the Northern Ireland register of charities for the first time.

All registered charities in Northern Ireland must, under the law, report to the Commission annually on their finances, resources and activities.

Unfortunately, some 270 charities failed to meet the 31 January deadline and went into default, which was marked on their register of charities entry.

This status on the register could be damaging to a charity’s reputation and may raise concerns amongst their supporters and funders. There is also a risk that charities which fail to submit their annual return will come under the focus of the Commission’s monitoring and compliance or enquiries teams.

A charity has 10 months from the end of their financial year in which to submit information to the Commission. On receipt of the required documentation, the charity accounts will be published on the register of charities.

If a charity submits their information on time, their entry on the register of charities will be marked in green as up-to-date. However the entry will automatically be highlighted in red if a charity is in default (failed to provide information within the 10 months) or has submitted documentation late.

ABC Community Network was pleased to assist member groups to meet their 31 January deadline.

For more information and support on annual reporting please contact ABC Community Network on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 028 38392777